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Founded in May 201 3, the Half­Helen Foundation’s (HHF) mission is to identify vision and hearing related barriers to
children’s academic success by providing high­tech, preventive screening services in underserved communities.

HHF’s Founder and Executive Director, Chelsea Elliott, learned the significance of preventive health screenings in
1 994 after Texas passed a bill requiring day care facilities to conduct vision screenings on four­year­olds enrolled in
their programs. After failing her vision screening, Chelsea was diagnosed with a rare virus called Coat’s Disease,
which resulted in permanent blindness in her left eye. A year later in kindergarten, a failed hearing screening revealed
that she was deaf in her right ear. At age 1 5, her eye was removed due to atrophy and she was fitted with a prosthetic.
Growing up, Chelsea learned about the amazing life of Helen Keller, surprised, “I am half­blind and half­deaf; I am
Half­Helen!” A name that would live on.

Chelsea was identified as a 201 5 CNN Hero and is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at Welch Allyn’s
Centennial Celebration on July 30, 201 5. Welch Allyn is the manufacturer of the photo screening camera utilized by







Ricardo-2A CEO and “Chief Buzz Generator” of Social Media Dynamo, and a pioneering, award-winning social commerce marketer for the creation of the Dell Outlet Twitter program, Ricardo created most of Dell’s original Twitter accounts, which generated $6.5M in their first 2.5 years, as well as several successful Facebook pages for Dell Latin America. He established the core strategy for Dell’s initial Twitter presence. As Social Media Dynamo, and now he offers social media strategy, implementation, and coaching to “Generate Excitement & Power Your Brand. Ricardo has also worked at WCG in Austin, leading the team managing 2 of HP’s principal Twitter accounts, @HP & @HPdeals, in addition to assisting clients such as Verizon, BMC Software, and others.

Ricardo has presented at SXSW Interactive, ClickZ/Search Engine Strategies, Webmaster World/Pubcon, & IT Expo in the U.S. and the Americas IT Forum, Go EMMS & Twitt.DO in Latin America. Additionally, he was a co-organizer for the first Latin America programming at SXSW Interactive 2011 as well as the first Americas IT Business and Investors Forum in 2011. Ricardo serves on the SXSW Interactive Advisory Board, the board of Cooperation Texas, on the “steering committee” of the Austin Cooperative Think Tank, and is a former chair and still an ambassador for the Social Media Ambassadors program of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He also served as the first Social Media Director for the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association (2010-2011), on the SXSW Accelerator Advisory Board (2011) and on the various boards of the North American Students of Cooperation 2003-2010.

In his meager spare time, Ricardo enjoys tinkering with social media tools and ideas to connect people, watching films, dining out, and traveling with his wife far from and near their home in Austin, Texas.