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IdealEthos is committed to advancing socially and environmentally responsible business practices here and around the world through services in sustainability reporting, programs and communications.

In addition to reporting and assessments, IdealEthos helps businesses increase their positive social and environmental impact through the creation of authentic programs and initiatives. The Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is a perfect location to do this work. As of 2013, there were more than 45,000 businesses operating here. As Austin consistently ranks tops in the country for best places in job growth, quality of life and low unemployment, IdealEthos has a prime opportunity to engage more businesses in this work and in our community. IdealEthos works with the very businesses that have benefitted from our robust local economy in order to increase positive social and environmental impact for them and their neighbors.

Research shows that publicly held firms who integrate sustainability and social responsibility reporting and related activities perform better on the stock market. This same principle can and does apply to firms of all sizes. When a business takes a holistic and authentic approach to how it operates its affairs, not only do their stakeholders and their community benefit, but so too does their bottom line.






Ceballos Pro HS - May 2015

Christina Ceballos, Founder
Spent over 18 years working on social and environmental issues and is certified in the Global Reporting Initiative sustainability reporting framework. She works with companies through the process of sustainability reporting which includes engagement and communications with stakeholders and the development of strategic initiatives and programs.







Megan WingetShe describes herself as a typical over-educated egghead – including two master’s degrees and a doctorate – with background and skills in community engagement, participatory culture, and user experience research. Megan likes to call this trifecta of interests and skills “Community Engagement Strategy.”

Megan spent her 20+ professional career in nonprofit organizations. She has an extensive background in cultural heritage institutions, and has written (and received) federal, state, and local grants. Megan worked at local, national, and international-level museums, as well as rare book rooms and archives. Some of the greatest hits: The MoMA, The Czech National Galleries in Prague, The Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design, the Brooklyn Museum.

Megan has a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Information and Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go heels). She was on the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information where she taught and conducted research on digital curation, the importance of fan communities, and how collecting institutions like museums and archives can better enable participatory culture (that is, how to get people to “radically engage” with content). She published extensively in academic journals, and has given invited and peer-reviewed talks both nationally and internationally.

Megan has consulted part-time since 2010, and full-time since 2013. She works with publishers, academic departments, nonprofit newspapers, image archives, and various for-profit start-ups.

Just to round things out: ​Megan has also been an actor, a real estate agent (in Prague, in the early 90s, talk about creative problem solving!), a carpenter, a bartender, and a chef.

Megan wants her clients to succeed, and helps teams understand their users’ and supporters’ needs, recognize trends, lead the pack in development and outreach, and create transformational experiences that will translate into organizational growth and profitability.