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Legal Banzu narrows the legal “justice gap” by aggregating and integrating key legal components via an online platform in order to connect people in need of legal services with a global community of legal advisors who are committed to helping people through the legal system.  Users of Legal Banzu are able to find access to legal aide they need at prices they can afford, whether pro bono, or at a reduced rate.

We envision Legal Banzu to be the combination of an online directory portal, as well as a legal crowdfunding site for those seeking assistance with the costs of legal aide.  The online directory aggregates together all Legal Banzu to act as a “buyer’s advisor” to help determine true legal services needed and guide the client to the most appropriate solution so that the clients can take advantage of collective intelligence of the community and the legal service market can gain transparency and efficiency from the big data generated.

In addition to the social benefits of addressing the “justice gap,” Legal Banzu will be a unique marketplace that targets the consumer needs of the low-income segment. Collectively, low-income consumers represent an upward of hundred billion dollars a year. Our platform will provide a unique marketing platform for brand companies seeking to grow beyond the already saturated affluent market and provide them an opportunity to win their future customers today.


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Matthew LeeMatthew Lee, Co-Founder
A patent attorney at Morgan Lewis, with over 20 years of combined research and intellectual property development experience.  Entrepreneur and volunteer for Child Advocates.






Laurel NaughtonLaurel Naughton, Co-Founder
An attorney at KN Law Group, where she specializes in helping startups with the legal aspects of their business.  Experience in business development, marketing, finance, and founder of






CTO & Developer, Aaron Crawford is the owner of Colorplex Studios, and an award winning interactive digital advertising agency.  Aaron specializes in application development and is co-founder of




A+SG VOLUNTEER COACH:   Patricia Buckholz

Patricia BuchhotltzWith dual degrees in International Business and French from Texas State University, more than 15 years of experience in marketing, and a crazy knack for numbers, Patricia drives the nitty gritty side of advertising and marketing at lookthinkmake. Under the beloved statement “form follows function,” Patricia focuses on the logistics, brand management, budget, and execution for our clients. And, ever engaging, Patricia directs lookthinkmake’s new business efforts.

Prior to lookthinkmake, Patricia served as the marketing director for The Austonian and a number of other award-winning Central Texas real estate projects – where the seed for what lookthinkmake would become was fertilized and grown. In her role as marketing director, she noticed a void in the Austin advertising world; and in 2007, she and her business partner Sean Thompson, set out to fill it. Thus, lookthinkmake was born – an integrated, full-service agency that goes far beyond traditional media, and is underscored by expert strategy, creative dialogue and smart execution across media. What started as a two-person shop based in Patricia’s home office, has evolved into an award-winning agency that has supported countless real estate, arts and nonprofit brands in Austin and beyond.