It’s Official! Austin Named Pilot City for Innovative Mobility Plan from RMI

After a nationwide search, Rocky Mountain Institute chose Austin as its exemplary city for implementing their forward-thinking strategy to alleviate transportation woes, and made it official with a joint press conference held at Austin City Hall today. RMI was joined by Mayor Adler and other city officials to begin releasing details of their plan. RMI will work in coordination with groups like Austin+Social Good, The Butler Firm, RideScout and CapMetro to place a team on the ground in Austin to begin planning and implementation of their mobility plan. 

Our hearts swelled towards the end of the Press Conference when the city personally thanked Austin+Social Good for their coordination with the RMI team and dedication to helping them learn about the great people & resources waiting for them here in Austin. For us, this has been the culmination to work we started 3 years ago when we first formed in Austin and asked the community what they would like us to fix. Check out the timeline below …



{September 2012}
First Social Good Summit where transportation was named Austin’s biggest issue.

{February 2013}
First official Work-From-Home Day organized by A+SG, which removed 14,000 cars off of Austin roads for one day.

{September 2013}
The second WFH Day was held with similar success.

{October 2014}
WFH Day expands to Mobility Week in coordination with Austin government and business partners.

{February 2015}
First conversations between A+SG and RMI introduces the idea that Austin is ready for this kind of initiative.  

{July 2015}
After months of communication with RMI, A+SG & The Butler Group throw a daylong conference to give the city a platform to pitch the merits of Austin being RMI’s choice.

{End of July 2015}
RMI narrows down to 2 final cities.

{August 2015}
RMI makes another visit to Austin for meeting on logistics of working with our city.

{September 14, 2015}
Announcement of the winner


READ MORE about how A+SG introduced RMI to Austin!




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