Join Our Mobility Week Challenge to #LoveMyRide

We’ve done a lot of work on the traffic issue here in Austin, and a lot of that is thanks to the support we get from the community. It all began in 2012 when you told us that traffic in Austin was a top concern, especially its effect on our air quality (not to mention the time wasted in getting from one end of town to the other). So we started Work-From-Home Day to test whether taking a significant number of cars (over 10,000) off the roads for one day could have a significant impact on our air quality. No surprise, IT DID!

That successful experiment has morphed into Mobility Week thanks to the work of many great city and business partners here in Austin. This is the second year for Mobility Week, where we work with our city’s top employers & employees to help you take alternative transportation to work for ONE WEEK to ease the damage done by our cars. Plus, what a great way to re-introduce yourself to this awesome city and maybe find something new to love about your commute in the process! That is why we are introducing a new video challenge this year to our Mobility Week promotions, and we call it … #LoveMyRide.



The idea is simple. If you’re not worried about driving your car (and all of the insane traffic happening around you) then imagine all of the new things you can look at instead! What if we all started to #LoveMyRide because of the new and interesting things it provides you?

What we’d like you to do is during the week of NOVEMBER 2 – 6, change your commute to get to work in any way OTHER than driving your car. Here are some ideas:

Try a RideSharing Service like RideScout
Check Out the Public Transportation Options through CapMetro
Ride Your Bike or Walk (if possible)

While you’re on your new commute, take in the city around you. Maybe you’ll see a new shop or restaurant to try. Maybe you’ll find a spot to volunteer your time that you never knew existed. Maybe you fall in love with your new fitness routine.

Whatever it is that makes you #LoveMyRide during that week, take a video of it and send it to us through any of the following Social Media channels:


TWITTER:  @MobilityWK

INSTAGRAM: @AustinPlusSocialGood


Make sure that whatever you post has #LoveMyRide so that we can find your content and re-share it!


Read more about our initiative with the Rocky Mountain Institute in our continued effort to fix traffic in Austin. 


Special Thank You to The Sponsors of This Initiative …



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