Please Help Us Crowdfund the Grand Prize for Our Fast Pitch Finalist

ASG-Donate on IndieGoGoThe time has come, and our 3rd annual Fast Pitch Crowdfund is OPEN and ready for your generous donations. In the past we’ve asked for donations from the kindness of your hearts, but this year we have some PERKS to offer! If you head over to our IndieGoGo page you can read our full story as to why we crowdfund for this event each year as well as check out our tier options, including our custom T-Shirt sporting this years Fast Pitch theme …

















We chose Change Starts Within as this years theme because of the passion we saw in our applicants. These teams are dedicated to their missions and truly want to create change in our community.

Meet This Year’s Fast Pitch Finalists: 







This is the part where you come in ….

Our teams pitch their businesses to an audience of community members who participate in choosing our winner, which we give a crowdfunded Grand Prize. Thus why we are here!

As we mentioned before, we are a completely volunteer team that runs this program, throws these events, and provides resources to our Social Good finalists. We have no problem doing the heavy lifting, but we need your monetary support to offer these finalists a shot at a flashy Fast Pitch Event and Grand Prize that came from a community of supporters.

Click on the DONATE button above and grab one of our awesome perks … your money will go towards a great cause!







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