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2014 Social Innovators Fast Pitch and Fund

Austin+SocialGood announces its second annual
Social Innovators Crowd Fund and five new finalists to competeRead More

Austin+Social Good Work-From-Home in the News

WFHD Media Advisory

2nd annual Social Good Summit Austin Work From Home Day (WFHD) will happen on September 10, 2013 — WFHD improves Austin air quality, reduces traffic congestion, and lowers ozone and carbon emissions by removing 20, 000 cars from city roads. In addition…Read More

February 2013 – SGS Work-From-Home in the News

Big companies join Work From Home Day effort

Austin is making a move to get 10,000 drivers off the road in one day. The city is joining an effort to cut back on carbon emissions by urging companies to let employees take a day off from the office and…Read More

Austin welcomes Work From Home Day

Austin’s Work From Home Day hoped to clear the air Friday by getting more cars off the road in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint — and all while educating the working population about ways to make working remotely simple and…Read More

Seeing Fewer Cars on the Road Today? Here’s Why

If you’re going into work today, you must not have gotten the memo. Today, many City of Austin employees and employees from some local business are partaking in Austin’s first “Work from Home Day.” It’s a citywide initiative to reduce the environmental impact of thousands of people driving to work…Read More

Keep your car off the road for Austin’s Work From Home Day on February 8

What would Austin look like if we took 10,000 cars off the roads? That’s what the Social Good Summit, an initiative of Mashable, hopes to do on Friday, February 8. The citywide “Work from Home Day (WFHD)” Initiative is an effort to get Austinites to pledge to telecommute that day instead of driving their cars — fostering lower ozone and carbon emissions, while educating our…Read More

To clean up air, coalition promotes Work From Home Day

Social Good Summit Austin , a collection of do-good-minded media and public relations firms, is promoting Work From Home Day to encourage Austinites to cut emissions by working from home. Clean Air Force and the Alliance for Public Transportation are among the group’s community partners…Read More

Extreme telecommuting: London to Austin

Nearly 5,000 miles of land and ocean separate me and my co-workers at the Austin Business Journal. Talk about long-distance commuting. Working from London is fantastic. I’m surrounded by historic buildings, theaters — make that theatres — and scrumptious food. And beginning my work day in the afternoon isn’t too bad, either. That’s because…Read More

Austin Tests Telecommuting, Initiates Work From Home Pilot Program

There are many reasons to love Austin, Texas: its natural beauty of the Hill Country, plenty of new restaurant openings and well-established eateries, its popular music festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, its “weirdness” and of course, its local economy which is…Read More

Austin’s First Ever Work From Home Day

What do AMD, Dell, the City of Austin, CAMPO and others have in common? Besides being leaders in the Austin business community they are also leading the way on employee transportation options, particularly working from home. These companies and many others are…Read More

Council passes initiative encouraging city wide telecommutes

Go ahead and mark your calendar on February 8, 2013. That’s the day Austin City Council has recognized as an experiment of sorts. All you have to do is stay busy and…Read More

Austin group launches one-day telecommute campaign

Austin’s business community is being encouraged by the city to work from home on Feb. 8, 2013 in an effort to…Read More

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