Social Innovators Accelerator & Fast Pitch Program FAQs

Get the boost you need to make a difference in the world.


What is the Austin+Social Good Accelerator Program?
The Accelerator Program & Fast Pitch Competition is a six-week business development program designed for local companies to integrate Social Good into their for-profit business models to create a more prosperous and thriving community for us all. Currently our first-round application is open, and we are looking for 5 companies to work alongside a Business Coach and Local Entrepreneur, over the course of six-weeks to further develop their business structure, social impact model, and 5-minute investment pitch for a community-wide Fast Pitch Competition at Google Fiber on October 7 with the opportunity to receive $2,500-$5,000 in startup funding (prize money varies based on the success of that year’s crowd-fund campaign). In addition to the combined funds we work to raise, all Finalists will setup a crowdfunding account to raise funds personally throughout the Accelerator Program for their respective company. Finally, the Fast Pitch winner is invited to participate and present with us during SXSW Interactive in March of 2016.

Who is this program for?
Whether you want to build better communities, have the desire to “change the world,” make money so you can give back, or leave the world a better place, then this program is for you. If you are a startup, in an ideation phase, or an established company, we want you to apply and join the legacy of past Accelerator Program companies.

How many people can participate in my company?
As much as we would love your whole team to participate, we can only manage 1-3 individuals per company. Select your team members that can participate in all events and avoid rotating team members.

What makes this program different?
Because we have an awesome team of dedicated social and business entrepreneurs that want to create a thriving Austin community. It is with that belief and passion that we design meaningful learning experiences to grow companies with a social impact. Each company is assigned a Coach to work with them throughout the entire program and ensure customized consultation as per the needs of the company. In addition, we invite Mentors, or an advisory group, to provide more in depth business technical skills.

We believe in community, innovation, and collaboration as a powerful way to learn so we created Collaborative Learning Communities to leverage the talents, expertise, and technical skills of our Coaches and Mentors for our Accelerator Program companies. Companies work directly with Coaches and Mentors in one of four areas:  Business, Community, Crowdfunding, and Communication.

At the conclusion of the six-week Accelerator Program, we host our annual Fast Pitch competition where we invite our Social Innovator members, business experts, community members, and potential investors to listen to all fast pitches and vote on who receives funding.



What are the benefits of participating in the Accelerator Program?

  • Developed framework for effective messaging
  • Ability to tailor message to appropriate audience
  • Developed public speaking and communication skills
  • Visibility for your business/entrepreneur ideas
  • Knowledge on how to navigate through difficult questioning
  • A long-term community of socially conscious and practicing entrepreneurs at your disposal
  • Better understanding on business insights and direction for your enterprise


How much money will my company receive?
Each year, our team raises money for our Social Innovators Fund to be given to the Fast Pitch Competition winner only. This amount ranges from $2,500-$5,000. If you do not win, don’t fret, we have a plan for you. Each company will have the opportunity to raise funds for their company through a crowdfunding platform through Austin+SocialGood and be given that amount at the Fast Pitch Competition.

How does the crowdfunding work?
We believe that change happens when communities organize together. This crowd fund allows the power the community to gather and pull resources to advance the next generation of social entrepreneurs in our city. During the month of July, we will launch the crowdfund and ask our friends, change makers, and advocates for progress to give what they can to build a lump sum that will be awarded to the winner of the fast pitch at our fall event. The audience in attendance and those who gave to the fund will be able to cast their vote for the winner. This will set forth our next initiative for the year in helping promote your entrepreneur/company selection. This is your voice with your action rolled into one. That is what makes this project each year different. You the community have the power to choose where we go and how we advance our social entrepreneurial movement.

The next phase after the finalists selection will be the a crowd fund. Stay tuned as we release more details on the process, its coming up quickly and we will need your help to make it possible.

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Information Updated: 7/1/15