About Us

Social Good hosts gatherings and workshops that support participants’ efforts to become more powerful storytellers. At these events, we use the story to set the stage for participants to find common ground with unlikely allies and to increase the likelihood they will discover and explore solutions together. By working together on each other’s stories, participants develop a deeper sense of shared ownership in each other’s success. Because we also teach the power of shared narratives (“The Story of Us”), participants leave with a greater sense of common purpose and aggregate potential.

Our Perspective

Millennials today are finding that the classic values and ideals they were taught to strive for are leaving them unfulfilled. Even those who ‘make it’ are left wanting to do more as they see social and economic problems all around them. The old focus on ‘taking’ and ‘what’s in it for me’ isn’t going to cut it. Social Good is helping millennials connect to create the new partnerships that will tackle big problems head-on. We provide an opportunity for them to learn about storytelling and social movement building skills at events around the country. These gatherings allow them to find their own story, tell the stories of their own community and inspire them to build and to create a compelling call to action. By inviting others to join them they are building stronger, more collaborative cities of change.

Empowered with these narratives, our millennial change makers are champions of a new future, telling stories of values-based living and how service can enhance people’s lives in communities across the country. A national network will serve as the catalyst to engage a generation empowered to build a new future. Together, the members of this network will live more conscious lives, contribute to a shift in values and behaviors and create new institutions that create a more sustainable future for our planet’s people.

What We Believe

Society is on an unsustainable path, environmentally, socially and politically. Social Good believes that addressing these challenges will require a broad commitment to grassroots problem solving and an evolution in our willingness to collaborate, cooperate and serve. We believe that a mass commitment to service is the only viable path to a more sustainable future and that the millennial generation has the desire, unique opportunity, and moral obligation to take ownership over that future, now.



Social Good invests in local, city-based ecosystem building by identifying, incentivizing and supporting high-impact millennial leaders, by facilitating collaboration and by democratizing storytelling and movement building strategies.


We envision a world where all those who serve feel empowered to tell their story and to invite others to join them through a shared narrative and shared a purpose. We seek a future where those working for social impact recognize how much more collective power they have when working together than working alone.

Our Values

  • Community engagement
  • Conscious collaboration
  • Continuous learning
  • Service
  • Diversity