Be a Networking Leader in your LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the social network for business. This understanding is simply accepted.

I’ve noticed recently how many people within LinkedIn Groups are posting content in discussions that do not encourage conversation, they are more self-promoting than conversational.

LinkedIn Groups are fabulous places to network with other professionals. Use this to your advantage, do some research and see what type of people make up the group. Other groups, you may be in could contain people that would be possible clients. Know your audience.

You need to network appropriately depending upon the group dynamics. And remember that LinkedIn groups are not a place to “sell your wares” – even if that group is the second type and filled with people needing your services.

You calling card on LinkedIn IS your profile. Fill it out as much as possible, use keywords that describe what you do – make it clear what your business is. As you network in groups, do just that – network, talk, ask opinions, gather info as research – however you participate – don’t sell.

You “sell” by what you say and do with the connections you have. The link on your name gives people a way to contact you. Have a good profile and people will know how to reach you.

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