Don’t give away your Newsletter Articles for Free

I belong to a couple of online ‘list serv’ groups (generally these are done via yahoo groups and are a way for people of like-minds to network and share tips, ideas and struggles). In one last week, there was a discussion about keeping your email newsletters stored on your website where people can read them anytime.

I am not a fan of this practice and for one primary reason: The website visitor’s thought process when it comes to emails and newsletters.

We all feel the same way about newsletters – there are ones we really want and read, those we read sometimes and then all the others we receive that go unread and we tend to forget to hit unsubscribe, so the emails keep coming…making us upset at the overwhelm in our inboxes.

So, the average website visitor will be thinking they do NOT want another email newsletter coming. That’s why you offer the free gift to get them on the list, but it’s also why you don’t a have place on your website where people can go to newsletters and read the archives. This practice gives visitors a way out of signing up to your list.

Their thought process will go from “Enter name and email” to “Oh, I can come back here and read them anytime, so no need to sign up” and that makes a big difference in getting more people signed up on your email list. Odds of them coming back to read it month after month are pretty slim.

If you have or are thinking of placing a newsletter archive on your website, think again…it may keep you from building your email list.

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