Facebook Pages: How often should you post updates?

Generally, I teach clients to start out easy when using social media and blogging. It is more to get the skill and confidence level in place and then, as you become more comfortable posting items on your social media channels or blogging, you can start doing it more often.

Content is King and sharing good information online is key to building your online community.

Facebook Pages are a place where I used to recommend posting a few times a week – but reports and experience in the past few months have shown that a few updates every day is actually more beneficial.

Look at this image of Facebook Page insights above and refer to the pink dots. When they get smaller, it means fewer updates were posted. You can see the graph of the ‘reach’ of the page also goes down when that happens. It is fairly clear when you post less, fewer people see your content / business page.

Because social media provides such a continuous stream of updates and not everyone is looking at your updates at every given moment, having more content/updates go out every day increases the chances of more people seeing them, commenting on them or sharing them. It is these comments and sharing that will help your name get out in front of more people – putting the viral and word of mouth marketing into play.

Now don’t panic and think, what can I say? Because I know several of you are already stressed about what you put out there now. Relax! You have a lot to say and share – it is just not always evident.

What can you say or post on your Facebook Business Page?

  1. Remember every post does not need to always be about you or your business. Add in content that talks about others. Highlight a ‘fan” on your Page,share a good service experience and name the business.
  2. You can provide good content by sharing links to other articles you find online.
  3. Yes, you will want to mention your own events, sales or products – but not as the focus. And try to do this in a natural way – the same as you would networking in person. How would you mention that to someone face to face? Write it down that way, tweak it a little for the internet and share.
  4. Add some fun updates in… people love to laugh!

Your updates can be more in the way of a mix of information that teaches contacts something new (and related to what services/products you provide).  Always try to be real and social with how your network online. So once you have posted this Facebook content – remember to check back and see if anyone is commenting. Don’t post and leave. Check and network.

I encourage you to look back at your Facebook Business Page and count and categorize the updates you have been posting…What else can you add and how often can you add it without stressing yourself out? Try this for a few weeks and look at your Page Insights to see if your reach is increasing. I think you will find those numbers going up.

Do you find it easy or hard to find content for your Facebook Page?

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