Have you optimized your Free Report?

List Building is important to any business…and your free report is a key piece to this process.

Why is this Free Report or Gift or eBook so important?

  • To pre-qualify people to join your list.
  • Gives them a reason to part with their email address.
  • The first step in the relationship process to lead to sales.

A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar to share the “5 Key Pieces to Creating a Free Report“. For many people, they create a freebie and then when people ask for it, they send it off. The person is on their email address so great…mission accomplished.

BUT, there are several key factors you may have missed that can, in fact, takes that free report and have it lead to more…more emails, more contacts, more trust built up, and more sales.

It’s called email marketing for a reason. You need to make sure to market to the people who have asked for the first tidbit of information, cultivate the relationship with them AND give them a report that is much more than one page with some information.

I sign up for a lot of newsletters and free reports and many people whose lists I subscribe to are missing a lot of opportunity in their free report. That is why I created my free report. 🙂

Don’t waste the opportunity sitting right in front of you and make the most of your own free report – be sure the prospects who have asked for your free report get it ALL!

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