Have you tried Facebook Ads yet?

Building a Facebook Fan Base can be difficult. One of the best ways to reach people on Facebook is to use Facebook Ads. Ads reach out directly to people on Facebook instead of waiting for them to find you. I like to use what I call an ‘Engagement Ad‘. You just want interested people clicking the Like button. That’s it – no big sell.

You want to build the fans or “Likes” on Facebook because it allows more people to see your online content and activity. From here, you can have them seeing your blog posts, articles, tips and even sign-up to your email list where they will learn more about your business and you.

Likes don’t translate directly to sales…but they do translate to contact. Contact, whether via your Facebook Page or emails from your website or reading your newsletter, are all first steps to building the Know, Like and Trust.

To set-up Facebook Ads, you need:

  1. A funding source in your Facebook account – a credit card or PayPal account.
  2. An image to use for the ad… keep it simple and with less than 20% text on the image.
  3. A 25-character attention-grabbing headline.
  4. A 90-character line of sales copy.

The best way these ads work is by keeping it simple – something like the following image:

All the action we want is for them to click the Like button. Once they are connected to the page, they will see and receive the content you post.

What kind of results happens from these types of ads?

To get started with a Facebook ad, login to your Facebook account.

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