Idea to Launch

You want a path to success. We keep it free of bumps and dead ends.

Everyone begins with an idea. It’s what happens shortly afterward that could mean the difference between success and failure. Or even worse – lost money and time.

What does it take to launch a successful social good startup? Do you have a long enough financial runway? Who are the major players – your competition? How does a Social Good Startup business plan differ from a regular business?

These are complicated questions, yes. But Social Good Startup helps you wade through it all, put together an actionable plan and most importantly avoid pitfalls and wrong turns.

This 8-week intensive, hands-on workshop gives you a strong foundation to build a first-class social venture and to move it forward with velocity. Unlike other startup workshops that are tech and for-profit focused, ours is specially designed for the social good startup space. You’ll be guided by people who’ve actually been in the trenches as well as other industry experts. They’ll share what they’ve learned in building their enterprises and what they wished they had known from the start.

You won’t find happy hours here. What you will find is expert guidance, robust resources, and dedicated people, like yourself, serious about making a difference.



  • Eight 2.5 hour classes
  • 2 mentor sessions with professionals with sector-specific expertise
  • 1 hour-long consultation session with Mischa Byruck, NYC Business Solutions’ social enterprise expert; includes free access to legal and accounting services
  • 6 months free on the CauseVox Impact Plan ($294 value) to help you get started in online fundraising
  • Free access to’s new crowd-building platform, and eligibility for consulting services worth $1000
  • A robust resource guide and toolkit
  • Access to the pre-release of 20 guides on small business skills for changemakers


  • You have an idea for a project, organization or business that will drive social change
  • You want to learn more about leading practices in lean start-up and venture design
  • You are tired of thinking and talking about your idea, you want to make it happen
  • You would benefit from the structure of a workshop series with assignments
  • You would enjoy meeting, learning from and assisting other aspiring changemakers
  • You might be working full-time now, but you want to explore the possibility of building your own venture