Is your website ready for Social Media Sharing?

Social Media Marketing Tools and Options should always be included in your website design… even if you are not planning (!) on using it yourself.

When we do a social media consult with a client, the very first thing we look at is your website.

Why the website?

One of the main goals of social media tends to be bringing more traffic to your website, you do this by networking online. Your networking when setup and rolled out effectively will have links back to your website. This is how people find out more info than they can garner in a 140 character update.  Because of this, your website needs to be a place where people can easily get information but also where they can easily share the information they find.

Two of the top social sharing tools you should include on your website are a Twitter Retweet button and a Facebook Share button.
Some small business owners laugh when I say this, and they laugh because they are not using Twitter or Facebook and see no reason for having anything to do with it on their website.

My answer is always: “What about your website visitors? They probably are using Twitter or Facebook, or at least a good number of them are.

With the staggering numbers of people in the worlds using Facebook (over 825 million) and Twitter (over 120 million) – you can be certain there are visitors to your website that use social media and are used to sharing info they find with friends AND sharing with a  quick click of a button.

>>>   And then the light bulb moment comes… “Ohhhh, right. “

Having a ReTweet button means visitors can share your website and links with their contacts and followers on Twitter. You do not need to be a part of this, but you need to provide the tool for them to do so.  There are many options for adding this to your site:

Directly via code created by Twitter or if you have a WordPress self-hosted website there are many plugins you can add that include a Retweet button for your site, in fact, there are some that let you pick and choose from some of the top ones: Twitter, Facebook Like and Share buttons, Google plus and many more.

So take a quick peek at your website… have you made certain that your site is a social place for visitors??

If not, you may need to revisit a bit of your website strategy, and of course, if you need assistance setting something like this up, we are always here to help.

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