One Twitter account or Two?

Someone tweeted me a question the other day…

Do you have one twitter account that you mix personal and business or do you have two accounts?

My answer? ONE!

Now, it will always go back to your reason for being ‘on Twitter’, your strategy for using this network – and for some, it is simply for fun and personal networking. That is great. But if you have a business and that is what you are looking to use Twitter for, unless you have a really different persona and personality than you the business owner, I would stick to one twitter profile.

My reason for this recommendation?

Managing two accounts is hard work! For some people, one is hard enough.  A few years ago I tried having two accounts, one for my social media persona and one for my Virtual Assistant one. It lasted all of 30 days. It was exhausting coming up with good content for two accounts, and two that were related in some ways.  So I dumped #2 and now am one person online.

The best part about using one ID?  I now have a large variety of topics to discuss via the networking I do online. Sometimes it’s about saving time, working smarter, and then there are all the social media tips and topics too. Add in my personal networking updates – little convos here and there with people and guess what?  I have a fairly well – rounded presence online.

I always recommend mixing your online content between business, sales and then personal updates.   This allows you to market your business (which after all is the main reason most businesses are online) but also you get to let people see the real you, the face behind the business.  It’s just like networking in person. Those personal updates give a glimpse of your personality, your life, your values, your hobbies, your humor – all of the parts that make up you.  And after all it is you who runs your business – so why not let people get to know you a bit better?

How about you? Do you have more than one twitter account? If so what makes you run two? Would love to hear of success stories about this and the strategies behind it.

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