Planning your Austin Social Media Content

One of the more interesting social media training sessions I do is on looking at content to include in social media marketing. Coming from a small business point of view, of course, it will be a little different for larger-scale businesses.

I like to start by categorizing the content you will post online to share. Once you have this, it is easier to look at your online presence and your business and know what you have in the way of content that you can use in your social media marketing and networking. You will have the content and then can focus on where to post it – what networks.

I also believe in looking at what percentage of each type you put out there. I normally recommend the following mix for the Type of Content.

  • Business: 50%
  • Personal: 30%
  • Sales: 20%

You really need to watch the sales numbers. If there are too many of those, you do not come across as genuine and authentic and people will wonder if there is only a robot behind the scenes. People want to network and connect primarily. Aim for networking and relationships first. The sales will follow as people get to Know, Like and Trust you.

What are these Types of Content?

Tips and information, sharing of other news articles/blog posts or info, quotes, no links to your website – teaching content. Make sure it is relevant, timely, and useful.

Updates that are less about business and more about your brand/business or you. If a one-person company – some of these will seem more personal – that is okay…just go as personal as you are comfortable with (i.e., Review or comment about a movie last night, pets, and life as a business owner.) If a business presence, share the volunteer things staff partakes in, news about the staff things like that will make the team behind the social media account more real.

Information directly related to a call-to-action of some sort. The benefit of a product and a link to the page to learn more/purchase. Post a review of a book on Amazon, purchasing services, signing up for ezine or free report, link to services page on website, links to products, request to join in Facebook page (I always like to have something happening there they can join in – not just “Like my Page!” – i.e., We are sharing elevator speeches today, share yours: link to your facebook page.)

  1. Make a chart first for each type of content – Business and Sales. (Personal will be the more ‘on the fly’ updates and not prepared ahead of time.)
  2. Look at all you have on your website and in your business, then make a list under each category of business and sales of the types of content you can use for them.
  3. Look at the chart/list and now start to write out updates / words for each type in the lists. If tweets, keep them to 120 characters. If using on a Facebook Page the sky is the limit – but keep it short if you can. (Long updates, those are blog posts!)

You will find that your content online will greatly improve once you take these steps.

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