The Hidden Factor to Social Media Marketing & Online Networking

Facebook Business Pages can build a great community based upon your brand – but you need to engage people to make this work.

Engaging people is the same online as it is in person – you need to talk to them!

My tagline for my Social Media Training business is:

Be Real. Be Social. Get Clients Online.

That works as long as you have the hidden factor included in all the online networking and social media marketing you do.

What is this hidden factor so many people do not realize is so important to your success with Social Media?


One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give about online networking – whether Facebook or Twitter is to Be Real and Be YOU!

If everything is automated and scheduled people don’t really get to know you. That Know, Like and Trust factor is big in doing business these days. Especially when people are trying to talk to you online or are checking out your business via your website. They are trying to determine if they want to do business with you. But if “YOU” are not a factor in anything they view online – they tend to trust you less.

For Service-Based business owners, one major YOU Factor overlooked on a website is an About Page – a page that tells people who you are AND has a recent photo of you.

People won’t know who they are doing business with – so give them ways to get to know you and connect with you – in real time.

How do you get the Real You out there?

    • Include a current profile photo where you can.

– This is key especially if you will meet people in person. If your picture is out of date when you meet it is hard to make that connection. You will appear to be two different people.

    • Have information on your website and also the “Info” and “Bio” sections on your social media profiles.

– Using keywords to help people find you, your Bio and Info sections should give viewers an idea of your past experience as well as what it is you do for a living. Who you help and how.

    • Network LIVE online.

– Yes, you may schedule posts on your social media channels, this helps you keep active, but you also need to get online and be active by talking to others in real time, following conversations as they happen – not answering questions a day or two later – or worse! Never.

Be there in real time to get the best connections and to allow people to get to know the real you.

You are the face of your business online – get out there! Don’t be shy about connecting with people and make sure they get to see and know this Hidden Factor! You.

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