Use Facebook’s Birthday Reminders to make people think of you

Facebook makes it so easy to network and make people smile!

Happy Birthday! Two very simple words that can so easily bring a smile to the face of the recipient. It’s an automatic tool that sends reminders out through their notification system. Within Facebook the reminders are of any birthdays today, or upcoming ones.

Networking online means connecting with people and not selling – what better way to ‘talk to someone’ than to send them a birthday wish. Last year I had over 100 people say Happy Birthday to me… it’s so much fun to know people are thinking of you.

Using this function on Facebook as a way to say a special hello to people is a no-brainer because the system is set there for you. You simply need to say Happy Birthday.

When you sign in to Facebook, start making note of the Birthday

If there is more than one birthday reminder, it will have a link that says ‘See all’ if you click that it opens a window with all the upcoming and current birthdays. The best part of this system is the ‘see all’ area opens up a place where you can enter your wishes right there and not even have to click to go to their page. It’s so fast and easy.

I also recommend adding a little extra in the message to make yours stand out – a link to a fun YouTube Happy Birthday video is one idea, or a pic of a birthday cake. Anything to be more than just the words – so your wishes stand out in their memory.

If a lot of your current clients are friends connected on Facebook – make certain to reach out to them as well. Make a list (if you have the birth date info) then be sure to take note and send the birthday wishes to clients and not miss them.

Don’t miss this easy opportunity to make a quick connection with people online – Happy Birthday!!!

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